Drive Meaningful Change in the World: Transform Ideas into Innovations

The MASTER’s in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship (TIE) prepares future leaders in tech innovation within a global environment. Over the course of 16-months, students participate in an immersive curriculum and dynamic internship program spanning residencies in Saudi Arabia and China.

Through a project-based approach, students gain understanding of the entire product development lifecycle from ideation to prototyping to commercialization.

As a core component of the MS TIE program, students will complete a 6-month internship in Shenzen, China – a major technology, manufacturing, and research hub known as the “Silicon Valley” of China.


Access to state-of-the-art instruments and world-class facilities, including KAUST’s Prototyping and Product Development Core Lab.

Engage with incubators and leading startup founders to develop your entrepreneurial ideas within an immersive culture of tech innovation.

Launch entrepreneurial ventures and/or secure positions in innovative companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Duration: 16 Months (September 2024 - December 2025)
10-months on campus at KAUST
6-months interning in Shenzhen, China

Join TIE and be part of a transformative journey!

Questions? Learn more about the MS TIE, visit https://tie.kaust.edu.sa

Application Details

The Applications for TIE Masters are closed

MS TIE applicants should submit the KAUST Application.

In addition to the normal documents and questions required in the application, you will be required to provide a short one-minute video and answer several additional questions.

Video of you explaining why you are interested in this program. If you have a product or prototype, make sure to show it and talk about in your video submission (limit to 1 min only). Please upload a one-minute video to the video sharing service of your choice (youtube, vimeo, etc.). The video should be unlisted, but not require a log in or password to view.

Questions on uploading a video? Click HERE

Short Answer Questions:
• Have you ever attended any entrepreneurship classes before? If yes, please mention name of provider and nature of classes.
• Have you ever participated in an entrepreneurial competition? If yes, please elaborate on the project you worked on and what was your role?
• Please describe development projects, prototyping or fabrication labs, with hardware manufacturing, or electronics design you have been involved in, whether at University or during internships?
• If your involvement was part of a team effort, kindly elaborate on your tasks and role within the project?
• Share the outcomes and results of the work you contributed to. You may provide urls to relevant photos or project videos if available.

All other components of the application including transcripts, recommendations, and English Proficiency scores must be provided. Learn more about the KAUST application requirements here.

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Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by the Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment.