Finishing your masters at KAUST? Interested in a PhD?

We’d like to invite you to apply to continue your studies at KAUST as a PhD candidate.

After reviewing completed credits and potential graduation dates, the Office of Admissions sends invitations to those M.S. students potentially completing their degree in either the Spring, Fall or Winter session. Please work closely with your designated GPC to determine the best session for you to apply for.

You will be invited to use the Student Application Portal to submit the Internal Ph.D. Application. You are requested to provide information regarding your intended start semester (upon completion of your Master’s requirements), academic advisor, intended research advisor and program of Interest.

We would also request a Statement of Purpose, outlining your plans for research topics, past work, preparations and career objectives.

If you are admitted, it is expected that you would continue to your Ph.D. studies without a break in your studies.