One year professional postgraduate programs in:

•   Physical Science and Engineering
•   Industrial Microelectronics
•   Bioscience/Bioengineering
•   Data Science and Analytics

A unique synergy of STEM, communications and entrepreneurship courses for the citizens of Saudi Arabia

Designed specifically for citizens of KSA, the goal of the PGDip is to have an unprecedented impact on Saudi’s talent economy. By skilling and developing well-rounded professionals with critical-thinking skills, this program will position graduates to succeed in the employment market, or to excel in the next stages of graduate study, at KAUST or internationally.

PGDip Program

• Supports the strategic priority to diversify the economy and seek solutions to new challenges

• Promotes educational impact by providing graduates with the competitive skills to succeed in the employment market or in the next stages of graduate study, at KAUST or internationally

• Contributes to the growth of KAUST’s national and international partnerships with universities and industry, by creating customized professional and academic experiences for students, alumni, and faculty.

• Provides the STEM fundamentals and competencies needed to succeed. Specialized knowledge, problem solving, data science and programming, project management, entrepreneurship, as well as advanced language and communication skills.

• Integrates theory and practice to solve real-world challenges.

The Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) is awarded upon successful completion of:

Soft skills courses (Communications and Entrepreneurship for All)

Experimental courses (Laboratory based Learning)

Theoretical courses (Integrated STEM foundations and Electives)

Entrepreneurship Courses

Capstone experience